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White House Koch Attack

Modern leftists have long used the power of government to excerpt control and silence dissent. The erosion of free speech in America has come in a number of ways, not all of which are the result of new laws. Such

GOP Decision Time: A Great Leap Toward Honesty

When John Boehner was first elected Republican leader, he said he felt like the dog that caught the car. This is a metaphor for someone who works hard to achieve a major goal, only to be confronted with the age

Soviet Socialism, American Leftists, and European PIGS

We have heard a lot lately about my comments relating Obamacare to the failed socialist policies of the Soviet Union. Liberals and a host of radical leftists have mocked my observation in their blogs and some mainstream news outlets have

Laying the Cornerstone of a Socialist Utopia

Sunday, the House passed Speaker Pelosi’s vision of healthcare in America. Here is why I voted “no” and why the American people should re-examine the Democratic leadership of our nation. First, I do not accept the premise that it is