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Variety's Former Chief Weighs In On Obama's First 100 Days: Boffo!

Recently dethroned Variety editor-in-chief Peter Bart, whose relevance as a Hollywood insider has been plummeting faster than Variety‘s circulation numbers, last week published an article in his new capacity as “bitter old has-been who wont leave gracefully” “vice president and

Empty Suit, California Style

To the delight of California’s illegal aliens, socialists, unqualified minority job-seekers and militant bicyclers who blow up Hummer dealerships in the name of suffering polar bears, smarmy San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday he is running for governor

The Obamas' Royal Mythology

Last week, while Barack Obama was busy apologizing for America and lauding the laughable hokum of “Europe’s leading role in the world” in front of qualified world leaders at the G20 summit, Michelle Obama was apparently charming the unmentionables off

Obama's War on English

In an age when a waiter is a server, an actress is a female actor, and a dubiously-competent socialist cult leader is an American president, it was only a matter of time before the “Global War on Terror” became an

Paglia & Co. Blame Everyone-Anyone But Man In Charge

I occasionally like to poke around for a healing dose of tolerance, inclusion and progressive enlightenment whenever my heathen conservative predilections get the better of me. Imagine my shock when browsing through some reader comments when I saw the

Jimmy Fallon's Uncomfortable Late Night Debut

As Carson Daly demonstrates on a nightly basis, you don’t have to be funny, engaging or a good interviewer to have your own late-night talk show on NBC. Jimmy Fallon continues that tradition, this week taking over the 12:30 time

The Audacity of Bruce Springsteen

With his trademark look of severe yet not unwelcomed constipation, his trusty acoustic guitar in hand, working class diva Bruce Springsteen kicked off Barack Obama’s We Are One Inaugural Celebration concert at the Lincoln Memorial on January 18. Indeed, Bruce

Air America Continues to Defile AM Radio

Tuesday night I lost my way on AM radio and accidentally stepped into a steaming pile of Air America. Preoccupied with traffic, my Bluetooth and a mango smoothie while driving home, I neglected to switch stations upon the conclusion of