Rob Comley

Are You Ready For An EU Propaganda Overload?

Now the official date of Britain’s long-awaited European Union (EU) referendum has been confirmed, and the campaigning has begun, we all knew the EU-propaganda machine would crank itself up a notch or two.In a style which has started to resemble

EU propaganda

Young Britons Hold the Key to Brexit Door

An alarming report has found an estimated 800,000 people have dropped off the Electoral Roll since the government introduced changes to the voting registration system.With nearly half a million young people not currently registered to vote, students in university towns


Denmark and Sweden Add to the Downfall of the Schengen Agreement

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and just days into January the Schengen Zone is under even more strain.Just after Sweden announced border controls with Denmark on a major bridge and tunnel link, Denmark has announced it too will implement


Britain Deserves Truth On Immigration

One of the best scenes in the BBC’s political sitcom ‘The Thick of It’ shows the main character, Malcolm Tucker, trying to hide an overspend right down low in the news agenda, over-complicating it with false facts and figures, and