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A History of Nation Building – Part 5

Apartheid. If there is an 800 lb. gorilla looming over the legacy of colonialism, apartheid is a prime candidate for it. That it qualifies as morally evil is debatable only by invoking cultural relativism, which out of ideological prejudice hypocritically

A History of Nation Building – Part 4

Most countries that resulted from the Colonial Era are not like the United States or Canada. The native populations were not replaced, and many had to resort to varying levels of civil unrest to achieve independence. As I said in

A History of Nation Building – Part 3

One severely misunderstood element in nation building is the effects of Colonialism. Typically people just look at post-colonial countries as targets for nation building, spinning how they got to such a state for political purposes, and ignoring that one element

A History of Nation Building – Part 2

I now turn to the other side of the coin, the efforts of the Soviet Union to create a power bloc in Eastern Europe, with a small aside into the Soviet Union itself. The Iron Curtain – Post-World War II

A History of Nation Building – Part 1

We regularly hear the term “nation building” these days, but there is a woeful lack of discussion of the history of the practice. Given how rarely it has happened that is understandable, but there are valuable lessons to be learned

Delusions of Inevitable American Decline

Peter Schweizer’s recent article provoked a recurring thought I’ve had. Most analysts are always eager to talk of how historical forces are against large nations, offering endless scenarios about which factors are causing the decline of the United States, but