Spike Spencer

How to Kill a Union in Three Easy Steps

1) Take away the right to anonymous ballots in voting for leadership. 2) Consistently vote in left wing leadership that supports only left wing political candidates who vote for “tax and spend” policies that destroy the very business we are

Fight For America

As I sit here in a Sydney hotel listening to the news of our savior’s next plan to change America as we know it, (you remember America, the engine of capitalism, a force for good all around the globe, and

When in Rome Fight Anti-Americanism

We’ve all heard the old saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Now that doesn’t mean crucifixions, world domination, and little boy rump humping. That simply means live as the locals do. Blend in. We as Americans are

Holding The High Watch

Do not rage against corrupt politicians; if it were not for politicians we should fall into anarchy, and your opportunity will be wasted. God has worked a long time and very patiently to bring us up to where we are

The Joker Had It Right: Why So Serious?

I recently said something at a gathering of some of my closest friends that made them look at me like I just clubbed a baby fur seal to death with the lifeless body of a cute little puppy that I

Mainstream Media: All Bias No Thunder

President Barack Obama paid a surprise visit to the troops recently in Baghdad. For that I applaud him. The troops were buoyed up by a visit by their Commander and Chief. And that is a good thing. He also praised