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Great Jewish Revolt Model for Free Men and Women Worldwide

In part of the world’s mightiest Empire, far from the Empire’s capital, what started as a revolt against unjust tax laws turned into a revolution in the name of independence from the oppression of foreign monarchs and reclamation of the inalienable rights endowed upon them by the Creator.

Destruction of Jerusalem by Ercole de' Roberti

For American POWs in Vietnam, ALL Lives Mattered

Colonel Fred V. Cherry, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), the first and highest ranking black American POW of the Vietnam War, passed away this month. The Communists wanted to use him for propaganda, but he would not cooperate.

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Ukraine Submits Anti-Stalin Crimean Tatar Song to Eurovision 2016

Ukraine – which, under attack by Putin’s Russia, was not able to attend Eurovision 2015 – has chosen to submit to Eurovision 2016 a Crimean-Tatar song about the 1944 forced deportation of the entire population of Crimea’s native Tatar people by the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin.

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Dianne Feinstein Loses Bid to Stop Cruz-Sponsored Move to Honor Chinese Dissident

Communist China isn’t happy with Ted Cruz. For months, Cruz has been proposing legislation that “would rename a part of the street across from China’s embassy after a pro-democracy activist,” Liu Xiaobo. Xiaobo was arrested in China in 2008 after authoring a Pro-Democracy, Pro-Human Rights manifesto, and is the only Nobel laureate in prison today.

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Exports of Taxpayer-Subsidized Ethanol to China Grew 975% in 2015

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services Michael Scuse, who led a trade mission of representatives from nine state departments of agriculture and 28 U.S. companies to northeast China in 2014, announced that United States ethanol exports to China have increased exponentially.

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Can We Trust Vladimir Putin?

Back in 2002, in the dark ages before Breitbart News Network, the great conservative commentator Ben Shapiro warned that the United States must “Keep an eye on Russia,” because “Russia is renewing her relations with America’s enemies.” Shapiro reiterated his message in 2007, warning America that “Russia isn’t to be trusted.”

AP/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, Presidential Press Service

NYTimes Casually Conflates Ted Cruz With George Wallace

In an casual remark, inserted in the middle of a story, New York Times reporter Matt Flegenheimer conflated Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz with the segregationist former Alabama Democratic Governor, George Wallace.


Latin American Reds Supporters Ed Markey Compares Climate Change to Communism

In his remarks to Sen. Ted Cruz’s Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness hearing concerning ongoing attempts to silence dissenters to climate change dogma, Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts—one of the greatest enemies of free speech in government today—made an analogy between the threat of communism and climate change.

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Russia: Hamas and Hezbollah Are Democratic, Not Terrorists

In contrast to the United States, the Russian regime of Vladimir Putin does not see Hamas and Hezbollah as genocidal terrorist organizations bent on a second holocaust, but as democratic and “legitimate societal-political forces” that they can get along with.


Ted Cruz: Radical Islamism ‘Will Not Be Appeased,’ Allies of Jihadists ‘Signing Your Own Death Warrant’

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has released a statement on the Paris terror attacks making clear that radical Islamism “will not be appeased by outreach or declarations of tolerance” and that the United States “must make it crystal clear that affiliation with ISIS and related terrorist groups brings with it the undying enmity of America—that it is, in effect, signing your own death warrant.”

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NAMED: 78 New U.S. Companies Who Have Signed on to Obama’s Environmental Pledge

The “Pledge” states that “…No corner of the planet and no sector of the global economy will remain unaffected by climate change in the years ahead. Climate change is a global challenge that demands a global response, and President Obama is committed to leading the fight.” It commits the signatories to:

Keystone XL

Donald Trump’s China Bible

Despite what the Left may think, Trump is not just shooting off his mouth when it comes to China. He speaks from personal experience, and his thinking is being influenced by two of the greatest and most experienced minds in all things China. They are Brett Decker and William Triplett II, the authors of Bowing to Beijing: How Barack Obama Is Hastening America’s Decline and Ushering a Century of Chinese Domination (2011).

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New Anti-Trump Biography Exposes Left’s Hatred

This book is everything detestable about the Left all rolled into one: class-warfare, political correctness, race baiting, double standards, arrogant self-righteousness, condescending pseudo-elitism, false pseudo-intellectualism, socialist amateur economic innuendo, and of course the Left’s signature, bottomless capacity for vile demonization.

Anti-Trump Book Cover

Revealed: How George W. Bush Saved Georgia From Russia

Earlier this month, coinciding with the seventh anniversary of Russia’s war on Georgia, Dmitri Shashkin, former Georgian defense minister, revealed the role of the Bush administration in stopping the Russian invaders from conquering the whole of the former Soviet Captive Nation.

George W. Bush (Associated Press)

Ukrainian Independence Remembered At Year 24

On August 24, 2015, Ukraine celebrated 24 years of independence from the Soviet Union. A few days before the anniversary, as reported by Paul Goble on his blog, one of the leaders of that struggle, Ivan Drach, described as “the poet who headed the Rukh organization from 1989 to 1992,” spoke with Ukraine’s Novy Region-2 about those road to independence.

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David Horowitz Book Defends Freedom–by Defending the Jews

The bonds that bind America to the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel are comparable only to the bonds between brothers–with a common heritage of the struggle for freedom forging a shared commitment to liberty, tolerance, and democracy. This is why our enemies are the same. This is why the forces of evil do not discriminate between us. It is, however, also true that common foes often mean common defenders. This is the case with David Horowitz in Islamo-Fascism and the War Against the Jews, Volume IV of The Black Book of the American Left.

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Robert Conquest and Freedom in Romania

Since the August 3 passing of Robert Conquest, the famed scholar of Stalin’s crimes, testimony has emerged that he played a critical role in the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu’s Communist regime in Romania.

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Remembering Britain’s September 11th, Ten Years Later

The attacks of 9/11 are what made me a Conservative. I have never forgotten that there are evil people who follow totalitarian creeds and wish to do us harm. My grandfather, a World War II veteran, had told me about the need to defend freedom and the sacrifices it would entail. To see my country come under attack made my grandfather’s warning much more than an abstraction.

Buses pass by as family members attend a remembrance ceremony at the spot where 13 people were killed in the London bombings on July 7, 2015 in London, England.Today is the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, when four suicide bombers struck transport system in central London on Thursday 7 …

Socrates in the Holy Land: Speaking Truth to Power, With Chutzpah

Lying is a virtue. That is a concept that the major forces of anti-Semitism in the world – Leftists and Jihadists – share. A leading Sandinista official once described the Marxist-Leninist doctrine of Revolutionary Truth as “What is true is what serves the ends of the revolution.” The Jihadist doctrine of Taqiyya is no different.

Jew hate

The Repressive ‘Progressive’ Attack on Kirsten Powers

It is a classic Leftist tactic – take something the person did or said, lie about it, make it into a huge deal, and use it to discredit them. It is also a Leftist tradition to bury any independent thinkers on their side the moment they express disagreement.


A Forgotten Memorial: A Monument Thanking Americans – In Cuba!

There is a memorial that most Americans are not likely to know of, and one that few Americans have likely visited. This is because this memorial – dedicated to brave American soldiers who gave their lives to liberate the oppressed – is in Cuba. It is a monument to the Americans who fell in the battle of Santiago de Cuba, the decisive event that secured Cuban independence from Spain.


When Will Cuba End Its ‘Internal Embargo’?

When I travelled for two weeks in working class areas of Cuba last year, a Cuban worker explained to me that while they hear endlessly from the government about the “American embargo against Cuba,” the real problem is the “internal embargo”—the embargo that the government elite has imposed on the Cuban people to keep them from participating in the economies of the elite and the outside world.

AP photo/ Javier Galeano

New Head of Pacifist Group Showcases Ties to Cop Killer

The A.J. Mustie Institute, named after a famous pacifist, started with the express purpose of “supporting nonviolence and social justice.” Now, the institute has a new executive director and has sent out a fundraising letter from convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. The letter includes a 2013 photo of the new director, Heidi Boghosian, and Mumia sharing beaming smiles and a hug.


‘Evil’ in New York: Ideology Drives Murder and Welfare Up in NYC

In 1993, Rudy Giuliani defeated incumbent Mayor David Dinkins on a tough crime-fighting and welfare-to-work platform. The life-long New York intellectual Norman Podhoretz, reflecting on this moment in 1999, wrote that “neither I nor anyone else ever dreamed that the new mayor — or any other person occupying that office — would be able to turn the city around, let alone that he would do so almost overnight. How wrong we were!”

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Author: Explain the US Constitution Like a Techie

Breitbart News interviewed Liz Long, author of “The Constitution: It’s the OS for the US,” at CPAC 2015. She explained how the Constitution (when operating properly) could be compared to a computer operating system that makes all of it’s parts


Hispanic Conservative Previews Blockbuster Spanish Language Newspaper At CPAC

Deb Leticia Gordils, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois, was interviewed by Breitbart News Network at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week about her successful Spanish language conservative newspaper El Sueno Americano. “The litmus test for whether or not


Communists Thank SEIU for Help in Releasing Cuban Mass Murderer

Gerardo Hernandez, a spy for Communist Cuba and the man responsible for the murder of four humanitarian workers (three of whom were American citizens) over international waters, was freed from prison last year by the Obama administration, due in part to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).