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Why Does Obama Want to Limit Charitable Deductions?

During the Tea Party debate, Wolf Blitzer presented to Ron Paul, a hypothetical situation in which an able man chooses to not buy health insurance and then gets very ill. Paul said “that’s what freedom is all about, taking your

The White House Is Wrong: The Auto Bailout Was a Terrible Idea

This past week White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, suggested that had the government not bailed out two failing auto manufacturers, “that’s a million more people that would have been on unemployment benefits.” As will be explained herein, this claim

Louisiana Coast – Last Line of Defense?

With oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico for weeks, we’ve known about efforts to stop the flow. We’ve heard details about 75 ton concrete domes, freezing methane gas, catheter piping siphoning off 20% of the flow, top kill. So