Alleged White House Shooter Charged with Assassination Attempt

Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, the prime suspect for the White House shooting has been charged with an attempt to assassinate President Obama.

Friday, November 11th was the day of the shooting. Authorities have described the shooter as a man in black, who was obsessed with President Obama. The man pulled an assault rifle, fired from his car, and successfully cracked a window in the First Family’s living quarters.

The alleged car of the shooter was found abandoned on a bridge on its way out of Virginia. An assault rifle was found within the car, and investigators were led to Ortega by this evidence.

Ortega was arrested on November 16 in a Pennsylvania hotel after a hotel clerk identified him. He was reported missing by his family on October 31.

Ortega appeared in a Federal Pittsburgh court, but he will be transported to Washington, DC to face the alleged shooting charges. If Ortega is found guilty he could be facing life in prison.