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Conservative Country Stars to 'Rock the Red' in Charlotte

Conservative Country Stars to 'Rock the Red' in Charlotte

As Democrats are preparing to bring the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to Charlotte, Conservatives are also planning an event all of their own in the North Carolina city. Some of the top country music artists have already signed up to

Salma Hayek: Mexican Cartel Violence 'Done with American Arms'

Salma Hayek: Mexican Cartel Violence 'Done with American Arms'

Actresses Salma Hayek and Blake Lively stopped by the set of Good Morning America on Wednesday to promote their new movie, “Savages.”    “Savages,” in theatres July 6th, goes into the gritty details behind the Mexican drug cartels and their

'Hunger Games' Book Trilogy Celebrates Freedom, Smaller Government

Suzanne Collins’ series “The Hunger Games,” which will soon see the release of a major film adaptation, is captivating the minds of teenagers and adults around the world. Collins’ unique style has made for an excellent series, appropriate and entertaining

Harvard: Two Thirds of Young Voters Ignoring Occupy Movement

According to a recent Harvard Poll, the majority of young voters do not support the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. An overwhelming 66% of young voters say they are not following the recent uproar of protests, and a mere 33% say

Youth Vote in Iowa Not Energized For 2012

The 2012 election is quickly approaching, but the majority of youth are not inspired by the candidates, on either side of the aisle. Focus groups recently held by the Harvard Institute of Politics in Iowa exhibited the young voters’ opinions

Alleged White House Shooter Charged with Assassination Attempt

Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, the prime suspect for the White House shooting has been charged with an attempt to assassinate President Obama. Friday, November 11th was the day of the shooting. Authorities have described the shooter as a man in black, who

The Yemen Youth Revolution

Anger and frustration fill the hearts of the Youth in Yemen. They are ready for freedom and democracy, yet their government prohibits it. Thousands of anti-corruption students have filled the streets since February of 2011, as they protest the distant,