The presidential roller coster.

With Michele Bachmann and Gary Johnson out of the race. Wait who Gary Johnson former governor of New Mexico who exactly. The race seem to be cutting the fat off the meat and getting to the nitty gritty. So what the problem the problem is this the candidate themself are not inspiring. Rick Perry when he ‘s in a debate he act like he’s in a fog. Rick Santorum nice guy but like Chris Barron said “he’s been more of a big spender then he let on.”

Newt Gingrich smart guy yet got a fighting ability of a baby. Then complain when he being criticized even thou those questions are the tough questions that needed to be asked. Jon Huntman really this guy not even on the radar and his being gushed on like a teen idol by the Lamestream media is not helping his cause.Finally Willard Romney this guy so boring he’s the freaking cure for insomnia and his refusal to say yeah romneycare suck it’s a bad idea and i’m sorry for not being truthful about it.

Then what about the real issues that hurting our country like Fast and Furious, The Debt and Iran acting like they have a pair and saying america shouldn’t come into the strait of Hormuz. Instead we talking about Mitt ads or Newt hurt feelings. Waa Waa shut your pie hole and talk about policy. Hope and change is not a political policy. How to drill for oil here in America is a policy that need to be addressed.

I laugh at little John Mccain supporting the guy who he defeated in 2008. Yet he could couldn’t offer any support for Sarah Palin when she was being accused of heinous crimes done by a nut case and not her. That ok sarah palin will be keynote speaker at cpac this year.

Finally we are cutting our forces down. What the fudgesicle is going on here. We got a angry Iran, North Korea is led by a bat poop crazy son we don’t know about. Also Terrorists attack our interest in Iraq and Israel. Now not the time to stand down and smoke the peace pipe we must be strong and show the world that America is ready to fight and protect our ally. November 3rd is coming Obama You have no chance to win make your time.