Twisted Liberal Logic: How Dare Gov. Walker Raise Force Verification of Recall Signatures

Liberal organizations in Wisconsin have managed to do it again.

One Wisconsin Now, a Soros-funded state partner of the Progress Now network, in their quixotic desire to defeat Governor Scott Walker are now accusing him of wasting taxpayer dollars for his lawsuit to force the Government Accountability Board to review the recall signatures for obvious fraud and duplicate signatures. In a press release issued on Monday, the left-wing organization issued this gem of logic:

Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to require taxpayers to finance the recall signature review campaign process should be disallowed, given Walker has been crisscrossing the country raising unlimited and unprecedented amounts of campaign cash, according to One Wisconsin Now.

“Gov. Walker can’t have it both ways,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “When Gov. Walker started raising unlimited money, he obligated his campaign to pay for campaign costs associated with his recall – not the taxpayers.”

So lets follow One Wisconsin Now’s leap in logic.

  1. On December 12, One Wisconsin Now was outraged that Governor Walker was actually raising money from outside of Wisconsin. Nevermind that One Wisconsin Now gave Big Labor a free pass for the nearly $9 million in national money poured into the summer recall elections.
  2. Then, on December 20, One Wisconsin Now was simply outraged that Governor Walker was raising money at all!
  3. Now, One Wisconsin Now (so self-righteously angry that Gov. Walker would raise money to defend himself), have determined that because he is raising money (to defend himself), Governor Walker should also pay for the integrity of the recall process even though the state of Wisconsin has an entire agency (the Government Accountability Board) dedicated for just such a process. Not to mention thatOne Wisconsin Now has actually encouraged fraud and duplicate signatures by informing signers it is their “right” to sign a petition more than once!

It can only be determined that in light of the news that the recall election will likely cost the state of Wisconsin nearly $9 million, One Wisconsin Now will at some point in the near future demand that Governor Walker pay for his own recall. It would certainly fit their twisted logic.

By Collin Roth