Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have reason to be giddy at the thought of a Mitt Romney Nomination

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have entered a completely giddy state at the thought of a Mitt Romney Nomination because they know full well it would ensure the reelection of President Barrack Obama.

While I don’t profess to be a political insider with a White board and heavy media connection, I do understand when I am walking on a set of railroad tracks and there is a light in the distance that is drawing closer to me, I might want to step to the side and a Romney Nomination a train heading smack into a 2 foot titanium wall as the narrative for his destruction has already been laid at the grassroots level. Democrats are fully aware of this and know that President Obama would have to spend next to nothing in his fight for reelection as the media and grassroots activists would do all the heavy lift as the statement from former Rapper Luke Campbell clearly shows.

The narrative to derail Mitt Romney’s Presidential hope has been set.

Democrat Activists will ensure Romney will have to waste his time defending against statements like this.

As a Conservative I always expect Democrats like Obama, Reid and Pelosi to play the race, gender and class warfare cards, when seeking office, but Democrats know full well that many Americans don’t have a full grip of the Mormon Faith and it is that lack of understand that they will turn to their advantage, if Romney indeed the GOP Nominee.

The Obama Manic Media is doing its part in digging up dirt and throwing out baseless allegations in ensuring that none of Romney’s opponents have a chance of derail their selected GOP candidate in 2012, but if Romney believes that anyone in the Obama Media are his friends, then he better ask the losing 2008 GOP Nominee John McCain his thoughts on media fairness and how foolish they made the former Maverick looking in the end. This clip of Lawrence O’Donnell should give the Romney Campaign a bit of insight of what they will be up against and by the time the American Public has had its fill of Mormon Church hit pieces and investigations into the faith by the media, selected Democrat minority leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demanding Romney explain and distance himself from statements made by past Church leaders over the years, Democrat surrogates exploring and releasing information on his business ties and tax status to fuel populist rage i.e. their allies in Occupy Wall Street. Romney will be as welcome in the electorate as much as a skunk at a garden party.

This clip of Lawrence O’Donnell clearly shows how the media plans destroy Mitt Romney

If I was indeed a Liberal Democrats I would be almost organism at the thought of Mitt Romney heading the GOP Ticket, the nomination makes its own gravy as I am fully aware that Conservatives, who are a major faction voting bloc in the Republican Party have major issues with his past record as Governor of Massachusetts, many are grumbling and have threaten to stay home in a repeat of 2008. I would have nothing to really fear as my allies in the media will assure that does not happen as they will portray him and his faith as something that is a cross between the Ku Klux Klan and Heaven’s Gate, thus scaring Americans especially minorities and Women, who form the most dependable voting bloc of my party.

Democrats also know that Romney’s Super PAC would have to waste major funds in an attempt to educate the American Public about their candidate’s faith and its teaching. Romney’s corporate and individual donors would be exposed and come under attack from the Democrat lapdogs that form Occupy Wall Street. Romney would find himself going into the final stretch running a near broke campaign, while President Obama would simply be able to shift his reelection funds and donors back down to the Congressional level in the hopes of holding the Senate and shrinking the Republican Majority in the House.

Now while I don’t profess to be a political genius, I know an election year narrative in the making and the comments from both Mr. Campbell and Schultz clearly show what weapons Democrats will use to destroy Mitt Romney and in the mind of Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi, she is already Speaker of the House once again, that is why she can confidently boast that Democrats want Romney and that he can’t win, but first they and media must ensure that Romney is indeed the GOP Nominee to make her and that of her fellow Democrats come true.