Occupiers on Brandon Darby, Who Stopped a Terror Attack: 'He's a Dirty F*cking Rat!'

I was across the road at CPAC when I noticed Occupiers taunting Brandon Darby as he walked by. I went across the street and began filming. The video begins as they’re discussing Andrew Breitbart’s confrontation with the Occupiers and then quickly turns to Darby himself. The main instigator calls Darby a “dirty f*cking rat.”

Darby foiled a terror attack slated to take place at the 2008 Republican convention and as a result saved American lives. Due to this, some liberals view him as a ‘snitch’- like this guy in the video. What does that say about the people who view him as a ‘traitor’? Did they want the attacks to go through?

There is some strong language contained within the video.

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