Operation Chaos? MoveOn & Unions Move in on Michigan, Ohio Air Times

Documents obtained by Big Government show that the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is spending union dues in the race for the Ohio Republican Primary, while MoveOn.org is spending its money on GOP’s Michigan’s primary.

The ads are running on radio stations in Cleveland ($59,400 worth on WKYC; $43,525 on WOIO) and Toledo ($840 on WNWO), while the MoveOn.org ads are running on a Comcast affiliated channels (CNN, MSNBC, TSBC, TNT, USA) for two days in Detroit ($16,120) and Flint/Saginaw. ($3,875)

So why would the political left and the union left spend money trying to influence who the Republican Party selects as its nominee? Have a look atthis ad from MoveOn.org and you’ll see why. It’s not enough that America is still at nine percent unemployment. They can’t praise Obama so they’ll denigrate whoever it is that the Republicans put up to face him.

And if that doesn’t work, AFSCME is more than happy to ridicule Romney for gushing about his boyhood home.