Sexual Assault at Occupy New Haven, Suspect Arrested

Sexual Assault at Occupy New Haven, Suspect Arrested

It’s happened again, this time in New Haven, Connecticut:

Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a woman atthe Occupy New Haven encampment

The alleged assault happened Monday night or Tuesday morning. The woman inquestion has been taken to a local hospital. This is an early report sothere are few details available about the victim or the perpetrator.This comes just as the Mayor of New Haven had set a deadline for Occupy NewHaven to vacate the park where they have been camping for five months:

The city has given residents of Occupy New Haven, a collectionof dedicated homeless people and activists, until noon Wednesday to leave.In Bridgeport on Wednesday morning, a U.S. District judge will consider arequest for an injunction to block the shutdown.

Hopefully the judge will consider the alleged assault when deciding whetheror not to let the city put an end to the camp Wednesday. 

Update: An arrest has been made:

Officers arrested England Gamble of Orange Street in New HavenWednesday for an alleged sexual assault during the early morning hours ofTuesday, or possibly late Monday, at the Occupy New Haven encampment on theGreen.Gamble was charged with first-degree sexual assault and first-degreeunlawful restraint.