Walker Up Nine in New Poll

Walker Up Nine in New Poll

A poll released today shows Scott Walker holding a robust lead in next month’s June recall election. The poll, by polling firm We Ask America finds Walker backed by 52% of likely voters, nine points ahead of Democrat Tom Barrett’s 43%. This is consistent with the Rasmussen poll released last week, in the wake of the primary, showing Walker with a 5 point lead. 

Earlier this year, unions in Wisconsin were very confident in their chances to recall first-term Governor Scott Walker. They turned in close to 1 million signatures to spark the recall, trumpeting their signature haul as a clear sign voters were poised to reject Walker:

“Scott Walker lied his way into office, and has since launched unprecedented attacks on Wisconsin’s working families, dividing the state like never before,” Steele said in an email. “This historic recall is a million-strong victory for Wisconsinites united to take their government back from wealthy special interests who bought and paid for Scott Walker and are dictating the terms of his extreme agenda.

Of course, in the end only a little more than half the people who signed petitions to recall Walker bothered to vote in last week’s Democrat primary. Even though Walker was running in an essentially uncontested primary, he received almost as many votes as all the Democrats combined. 

Today’s poll is just the latest sign that the voters of Wisconsin would rather recall the public sector unions than the Governor.