A Day of Contrasts in Zimmerman Case

A Day of Contrasts in Zimmerman Case

It was a day of puzzling contrasts in the case of George Zimmerman, whose attorney is just beginning to receive the evidence prosecutors intend to use against his client for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. Some of that evidence reveals injuries to Zimmerman on the night of the shooting. It’s also said the FBI may be looking at charging Zimmerman with a hate crime. Additionally, Zimmerman appears to have mentored a black child at some point in his life:

SANFORD, Fla. – WFTV has learned charges against George Zimmerman could be getting more serious. State prosecutors said Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, profiled and stalked 17-year-old Trayvon Martin before killing him, so the FBI is now looking into charging him with a hate crime.

As of late Monday, Zimmermanís attorney, Mark OíMara, told WFTV that he’s gotten the first prosecution documents containing the evidence against his client. OíMara said he’s gotten a redacted witness list with 22 witnesses listed only as numbers.

Zimmerman’s mother testified at his bond hearing that she has met the black child whom he mentored and even risked his safety in a dangerous neighborhood to do it, because he didn’t want to abandon the child.

Meanwhile, Orlando attorney and CNN analyst Mark NeJame has unearthed a photo of what is claimed to be Zimmerman’s family. It would appear that in order for the slaying of Trayvon Martin to have been a hate crime, George Zimmerman may have to have possessed a bit of self-loathing–or hated his family to some extent.

CNN analyst Mark NeJame pointed to a black-and-white picture of a family of three, including a dark-skinned man he claims was Zimmerman’s great-grandfather.

He also identified a woman pictured standing above the man as Zimmerman’s grandmother, and a small child in the man’s arms as Zimmerman’s mother.

Finally, ABC now claims there is evidence depicting a host of injuries sustained by George Zimmerman on the night he encountered Trayvon Martin.

ABC looks to have been stirred by its eventually laughed-at previous big scoop hyping a grainy police video that supposedly showed George Zimmerman wasn’t injured in a physical confrontation of some kind before shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. That firestorm was driven by other mainstream media coverage just like ABC’s that day.

What a difference new media makes. Breitbart News fired back in March–ABC’S RECKLESS ZIMMERMAN VIDEO ‘EXCLUSIVE’ REVEALS NOTHING–as did many conservative blogs and other new media outlets when it was determined their big scoop was more poop on their shoe than genuine news.

Breitbart News congratulates ABC for now appearing to have gotten into line behind our fair and accurate coverage at the time, which debunked their own big exclusive. One story down and too many to count to go, in terms of keeping an eye on the media. 

As regards the Zimmerman/Martin story back then, not to be outdone by ABC, MSNBC used a convenient ellipses to join the media lynch mob after Zimmerman at the time:


Breitbart.com took MSNBC on and exposed their malicious reporting at link above. Increasingly every day, new media is demonstrating its positive significant impact on mainstream media malpractice. This latest exclusive via ABC is just one more instance that serves as proof.