Romney's Fundraising Nearly Matched the President's in April

Romney's Fundraising Nearly Matched the President's in April

Being the only guy left in the race has its advantages. Figures released today show that Mitt Romney’s campaign raised nearly as much money as the President did in April.

Yesterday the Obama campaign announced that it raised $43.6 millionlast month. That figure was down from the $53 million the campaignraised in March. However, Romney’s camp raised a mere $12.6 million inMarch, so he seemed to be trailing pretty substantially. But the Romneycamp announced it had raised $40.1 million last month, nearly tying thePresident and triple what his camp did in March.

The surge in money to the Romney camp corresponds with his primarychallenger, Rick Santorum, leaving the race. Santorum announced he woulddrop out April 10th. Newt Gingrich remained in the race until May 2nd, but in his case the writing seemed to be on the wall weeks earlier. Ron Paul left the race earlier this week.

Obama’s fundraising is likely to pick up this month. A single dinnerheld at George Clooney’s house last week reportedly raised $15 millionfor the campaign.