Obama's Bain Attacks Reignite Battle for Future of Democrat Party

Obama's Bain Attacks Reignite Battle for Future of Democrat Party

The fallout of the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital has led to a series of blue-on-blue attacks from the Democratic far left on the so-called “Clinton Wing” of the party.

As pointed out by Ben Howe at Redstate, not only is Team Obama waging war against its own with what are called “oppo drops,” but the Democrat Party’s counter-balance to Obama’s leftist ideology is under attack and shrinking. From Cory Booker and Ed Rendell to Dianne Feinstein and Chris Coons, with ex-auto czar Steven Rattner and some few others thrown in for good measure, these new left-wing thought crime targets should put to rest the thought that Obama will somehow moderate any agenda if given a second term.

Despite making what has been referred to as a hostage video, begging for forgiveness for calling Obama’s attacks on private equity “nauseating,” the left continues to slam him. For example, we have Chris Matthews berating Booker as the next Zell Miller, the Democrat that left the party in ’04 and spoke at the GOP Convention that year.

Now comes a Politico article from Alexander Burns which reeks of campaign oppo research on not only Booker, but a whole passel of Democrats that have dared to speak ill of the Bain strategy.

Ultimately, the current battle amongst the Democrats is about pace, not ideology or desired end result. Former President Bill Clinton came into office as the first baby boomer president with much the same agenda that Barack Obama has pursued in office. Anyone who doubts that only has to look up Hillarycare. Clinton moderated his politics to retain power for the Democrats, not because he changed his ideology.

Years later, Barack Obama assumed office with a similar agenda, albeit even more leftist, and has shown no signs of moderating his plans and goals in the interest of preserving the Democrat party. And his base has noticed.

Recent election results in Kentucky and Arkansas demonstrate the degree to which Obama and his policies have gone too far left for many Americans. While both states are considered Republican-leaning, Obama’s failure to gain the support of 60% of Democrats, even when running unopposed, tells you how far left he has gone. 

Yet, even with these signs of pushback and yearning for moderation, it’s unlikely we’ve seen the last of his surrogates publicly shaming dissenters as he attempts to rally his supporters for the Democratic National Convention this summer.