White House Wants Democrats to Aggressively Defend Unpopular Obamacare

White House Wants Democrats to Aggressively Defend Unpopular Obamacare

Even as some Democrats run away from President Barack Obama, The White House “is encouraging congressional Democrats to go on the offensive” on the campaign trail by defending Obamacare.   

The memo, according to The Hill, was written by senior adviser and messaging strategist David Plouffe, and also argues that Democrats should be “happy to debate Republicans on taxes.”  Even though Obamacare now represents a series of tax hikes on those making under $250,000, the memo suggests that it “illustrate[s] how the President and Democrats in Congress are standing up for the middle class.”  Based on Thursday’s Supreme Court decision, Obamacare is not only the largest tax increase in history.  Thus, his signature piece of legislation now represents a broken promise by the President, who promised not to raise taxes on the middle class.

As The Hill noted, a USA Today/Gallup poll showed 44 percent of those surveyed had an unfavorable view of the bill, but the country “is evenly split on the Supreme Court’s action, with 46 percent of those surveyed saying the law was either constitutional or unconstitutional.” But the White House thinks if they convince Democrats to go on the offensive in defending Obamacare, these numbers may tick up, even as the Democrats defending the law risk a blow to their popularity.

If Democrats running for Congress take Plouffe’s advice, many may lose their races because of it.  If that is the case, of course, the odds of repealing Obamacare will greatly increase. 

With a boneheaded memo like this, one has to wonder if that is the result Plouffe secretly wants.