Poll: Majority Approves Of Holder Contempt Vote

Poll: Majority Approves Of Holder Contempt Vote

According to a CNN/ORC poll, 53 percent of adults surveyed approve of the House of Representatives vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in civil and criminal contempt of Congress. Holder refused to turn over documents associated with the Fast and Furious operation to a congressional committee. Weapons traced back to Fast and Furious were used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

However, opinions do not divide cleanly along partisan lines. A majority of Republicans (73%) approved of the contempt vote, while slightly more than one-third of Democrats approve.  More than half (54%) of Independents sided with the Republicans and approved of the vote, suggesting that public perception has not fallen in line with Democrats spin on Fast and Furious.

The majority of people surveyed believed the House’s contempt vote was politically motivated.  A majority of Democrats (79%) say that the vote was used to gain political advantage, while a majority of Republicans say that congressional Republicans have real ethical concerns. Although a majority of Independents agreed with the contempt vote, 63% think the move was politically motivated.

The poll also found that 69 percent of Americans want President Barack Obama to answer all of the questions surrounding the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal.