Opposing UN Arms Trade Treaty a Winning Campaign Issue for Romney

Opposing UN Arms Trade Treaty a Winning Campaign Issue for Romney

Gov. Mitt Romney is citing every difference he can to show why he’d be a better president that Barack Obama. Some of differences, such as Romney’s opposition to taxes and Obama’s support of new taxes, are easy to highlight, while others are harder to point out because there is a propaganda machine that surrounds and protects President Obama.

Yet with the U.N currently debating the Arms Trade Treaty, a treaty that will inevitably lead to new and unknown degrees of gun control on the American people, Romney has been given a propaganda-proof opportunity to differentiate between himself and Obama. 

The formulation of this treaty is being overseen by Iran, Obama signaled tacit support for the treaty back in 2009. Everyone anticipates Obama will sign. All Romney has to do is step up to the plate and say “I will not subjugate the rights of the American people to an international body, and if the U.N. wants to continue forming treaties that violate the U.S. Constitution, we will pull all funding from the organization.” 

Charles Krauthammer is already there. Regarding the U.N. he recently said: “We are subsidizing an entire structure, with a legion of organizations, all of whom are negligent, stupid, or malicious, and who issue resolutions, publications, committees, which are almost exclusively anti-western [and]…anti-American.”

Folks, this is Romney’s path to self-identification. 

Obama is a leftist ideologue who cannot abandon allegiance to other ideologues throughout the world. If Romney will put the U.N. on notice, he will simultaneously set forth one of the starkest of differences between himself and Obama to date.