Liberals Attack Obama for Outsourcing Hypocrisy

Liberals Attack Obama for Outsourcing Hypocrisy

President Barack Obama, aided by the mainstream media, has distorted the facts to paint Mitt Romney as a cruel outsourcer of American jobs. 

Obama and the media were called out by the Republican National Committee, which created a website to highlight taxpayer dollars Obama sent to companies headquartered overseas.

And now, Obama is being attacked from his side of the aisle for not improving trade conditions.

Robert E. Scott, a pro-labor advocate at the liberal Economic Policy Institute, told the Washington Post that he thought Obama walked away “from the campaign commitments” to make trade fairer for American companies and workers. 

“He has done far too little to improve U.S. trade,” Scott said. 

Other liberal groups have hammered Obama for not doing anything about Chinese currency manipulation and the president’s “Jobs and Competitiveness Council.” The Jobs and Competitiveness Council is described by critics as “composed mostly of top executives at companies that have large foreign operations.” 

There has also been grumbling on the left about how the H-1B visa program is speeding up the offshoring of jobs and about how taxpayer funded stimulus dollars were sent overseas. 

Anything that dampens the enthusiasm of the base is bad for Obama, and Obama’s offshoring record may help lessen the enthusiasm for his candidacy.