70,000 Penn State Fans Lambast ESPN for Smearing Paterno

70,000 Penn State Fans Lambast ESPN for Smearing Paterno

Showing no signs of higher intelligence, over 70,000 Penn State students and fans of Penn State “liked” a Facebook comment on the Penn State page that demands ESPN apologize for “dragging Joe Paterno though the dirt.” The comment is directed toward Penn State president Rodney Erickson, and claims that ESPN didn’t treat Paterno or Penn State with justice.

In opposition to their claims is the evidence from the Freeh Report, which states that Paterno acted with “callous and shocking disregard for child victims.”

But don’t hold students to the facts. They are out to right a grievous wrong, according to the post on Facebook:

“Even until the day he passed away, Coach Paterno lived with gracious integrity and still to this day, has been the only staff member to admit he was wrong.

I also ask that ESPN give a sincere and public apology for dragging the school, Joe Pa, the victims, and the fans, alumni, and families of Penn State through the dirt by giving an unfair and completely biased, opinionated report.”

And then, in a hilariously inappropriate analogy, the post goes on to say: “We do not remove the Lincoln Memorial because he started the Civil War, rather we leave it as a reminder of the good he’s done.”

Lincoln: freeing slaves.

Paterno: freeing Sandusky so he can maim young men for life.

Now there’s the kind of thinking that justifies sending your kid to college.