Catholic Business Voted 'Best Place to Work for Women' Sues Obama Admin over HHS Mandate

Catholic Business Voted 'Best Place to Work for Women' Sues Obama Admin over HHS Mandate

The Catholic owners of Chicago-based Triune Health Group have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over the HHS contraception mandate. Mary Anne and Christopher Yep have also filed a lawsuit against the state of Illinois for intruding upon their religious freedom as business owners.

The Yeps, whose business was recently named the “Best Place to Work for Women” in the Chicago area by Crain’s Chicago Business, believe that the government must respect their identities as Catholics as well as business owners. Mary Anne Yep said that she cannot separate her identity as a woman, a business owner, and a Catholic. She added that she and her husband “view business as a form of religious stewardship and an integral part of their lives as faithful Roman Catholics.”

According to the Yeps, their ability to integrate their faith into their business is compromised by the controversial HHS mandate that requires them to provide health insurance plans that include free contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs.

Mary Anne Yep takes issue with those who identify business owners, like her, who are against the HHS mandate, as waging a war on women. She disagrees with those who frame the mandate as a women’s rights issue, when “it is definitely an issue of religious freedom.”

Yep states that the Crain’s award, based on the results of an anonymous employee survey, demonstrates that her women employees are happy and know that they are cared for and respected. “Respecting and fostering the feminine genius makes both business and common sense,” she says. “Women have so much to give and we are grateful for all our employees and customers who create a culture that appreciates and supports those gifts.”

According to the results of the employee survey, what makes Triune Health Group the best place to work for women is the integrity of the owners and their dedication to the overall health and wellness of their employees.