Obama Also Discussed Katrina Racism in 2005 Speech

Obama Also Discussed Katrina Racism in 2005 Speech

Coming on the heels of the revelation of a 2007 speech by Barack Obama sewing racial division by discussing Hurricane Katrina, Breitbart news has uncovered another video where Sen. Barack Obama discusses Katrina as an example of white racism. 

The speech was given on Sept. 17, 2005 at Harvard Law School Association Award Luncheon, as part of the “Celebration of Black Alumni” weekend. Senator Obama was the keynote speaker.

State Sen. Obama also discussed response to Hurricane Katrina in racial terms, with an approving nod to Kanye West. Sen. Obama uses a classic strawman argument in order to make his racially divisive position appear reasonable. Obama sets up the strawman by saying he does not believe that there is an explicit conspiracy against black people by whites — the idea that white people were sitting in rooms explicitly calling for racist action against people hurt by Katrina. Of course, no serious person was actually making that argument, which would require some proof of these statements being made.

After dismissing a baseless conspiracy theory, Sen. Obama goes on to replace it with the notion that there is what he calls “passive indifference”; in other words, racism that is so deeply ingrained in American society that it exists at a subconscious level. However, Sen. Obama can clearly see it and goes on to describe and explain it to his audience in condescending terms.

At one point, Sen. Obama gets a laugh describing the attitude that one can fill an SUV’s trunk with “sparkling water.”