Obama Campaign: Ryan's the Liar, Not Biden

Obama Campaign: Ryan's the Liar, Not Biden

So what’s the latest meme being promulgated in the Obama campaign’s “personal” emails? For the moment, they have given up swearing, and now they’ve taken up the psychological condition known as projection; i.e. accusing someone else of behavior that you yourself exhibit. On the eve of the debate between Lyin’ Joe Biden (who has never been shy about making up stories) and Paul Ryan, the email accuses Ryan of lying.

Whatever happens at the vice presidential debate tonight, we need to respond quickly and forcefully.

With 26 days to go, we can’t just sit and wait for someone else to set the record straight. That’s how elections are lost.

On this point, they are correct; they can’t sit back and wait until the facts are known because all the facts point to Obama’s failure as president. They have to act and act now by attacking Romney and Ryan’s character.

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The number one thing we won’t be able to control in tonight’s debate is whether Congressman Ryan tells the truth — about himself, his record, or his and Mitt Romney’s actual plans for where they’d take our country.

If the past is any indicator, he won’t.

For his whole career, Paul Ryan has made an art of obscuring the facts. He’s done it on big things — like the fact that the Ryan budget that he championed in Congress, later adopted by the Romney-Ryan campaign, would actually end Medicare as we know it for our seniors and turn it into a voucher program.

Don’t you love it when the Obama campaign accuses Romney/Ryan of ending Medicare as we know it? It’s Obamacare that cuts $716 billion from current seniors. Medicare as we know it is headed for bankruptcy; Ryan preserves it. The voucher program actually gives Americans a choice. But then, if you’re the Democrats, you don’t like Americans to have a choice. Unless it’s late-term abortion.

He’s misrepresented even the smallest things, too — like his own personal marathon time.

Now there’s something important. Ryan doesn’t remember exactly how fast he ran. Obama and Biden can’t remember the Constitution.

If he’s not going to be bound by the facts tonight, it’s something that every voter needs to know.

One big thing our side can control in this debate is how strongly we respond.

As soon as Vice President Biden walks off that stage, we need to be ready to fire all cylinders to make sure our message — and the truth about the choice in this election — gets out there.

As soon as Biden walks off that stage, the Dems will be frantically trying to explain why Biden lied about something, because that’s his stock in trade. Or figuring out just which author he plagiarized in his remarks.

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Jim Messina

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Obama for America

It’s beyond the scope of normal reasoning to ascertain how the Democrats have the gall to call Paul Ryan a liar when Joe Biden is on the stage with him. There is simply no limit to the Obama campaign’s effrontery. Since they’re projecting Biden’s lying onto Ryan, one supposes that for the next debate they’ll call Mitt Romney Marxist, Islamist, racist, and heterophobic. They’ve already called him a murderer, after all.

Update: This afternoon, serial liar and Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter  sent out an email doubling down on Jim Messina’s email. Once again, the message was simple: Paul Ryan’s going to lie.

Coming from Cutter, who has admitted to lying about Romney’s supposed $5 trillion tax cut and the Joe Soptic ad, that’s a laugh. Here’s what she wrote:

Benjamin —

Over the course of his career, Joe Biden has always said exactly what he means, and people know they can count on the Vice President to be straight with them.

You can’t say the same about Paul Ryan.

Out on the campaign trail, Ryan has followed Mitt Romney’s lead — making a habit of misrepresenting or flat-out denying his unpopular, extreme positions, while distorting President Obama’s record. Both Romney and Ryan know that if they’re honest with the American people about their proposals and their records, it’ll hurt their chances to win the election. Take a look at this video about Paul Ryan’s misleading ways, and share it with others before tonight’s debate.

Also be sure to check out this post that breaks down Ryan’s favorite false attacks. Some examples include (but most certainly are not limited to):

 — Attacking President Obama for the Medicare savings that actually extend the life of the program.
 — Blaming President Obama for the closure of an auto manufacturing plant in Wisconsin that happened during the Bush administration.
 — Accusing President Obama of not taking the recommendations of the debt reduction committee — the same recommendations that Ryan himself voted against.
 — Calling Obamacare a government “health care takeover.”
 — Telling reporters that he hadn’t sought stimulus funds for his district, when in fact he had.

After all this dishonesty, Ryan actually complained earlier this week that people are calling him dishonest. But until he proves otherwise, we will continue to say that water is wet, the sky is blue, and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are willing to say anything — even if that means wildly distorting known facts — to win this election.

So before, during, and after tonight’s debate, head over to barackobama.com/debate and get the facts to respond to Ryan’s distortions. And be sure to show your support for Vice President Biden on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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P.S. — Before the debate, take a look at this video of Rep. Chris Van Hollen — Ryan’s counterpart on the House budget committee — laying out what to expect. And, of course, share it.

Obama can’t run on his record. Neither can Joe Biden. So they’re forced to slander Paul Ryan – and hysterically call Joe Biden the essence of truth – in order to fight what they perceive will be a devastatingly imbalanced debate tonight. Note that list above – the only supposed lie there is the last one, regarding stimulus funds for his district. And he offered an explanation for it. The other contentions above are true. Each and every one of them. Only the Obama campaign could be this thick.