Poll: Americans Prefer Obama to Romney As Babysitter

Poll: Americans Prefer Obama to Romney As Babysitter

President Obama has serious poll trouble. So the media has come up with a new way of pushing him forward: asking Americans if they think he’d be a good babysitter or a good ship captain, or whether he seems like the type to bungee jump.


According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released today, 49 percent of registered voters said they’d trust Obama to babysit their kid, as opposed 36 percent of voters who say they’d trust Romney. Which just goes to show that there are a lot of folks who shouldn’t have kids.

When it comes to whom Americans would trust as “captain of a ship in a storm,” President Obama currently has a four point lead on Mitt Romney; again, presumably, the American people really like the movie Titanic. The American people were split on which candidate they’re rather employ, with 46 percent for each. Presumably, most Americans have no idea that Obama has never been a real employee for longer than five minutes.

Or perhaps the American people would rather see Obama babysitting, captaining ships, or working at a business than in the Oval Office.

As for which candidate is perceived as more risky, the answer is Obama in a landslide: 60 percent say Obama would go bungee jumping, as opposed to 21 percent for Romney. At least the American people have that one right – Obama has taken America bungee jumping, and the line is stretching precipitously.