Vandal Scrawls 'Racist' on Chicago Shop with Anti-Obama Sign

Vandal Scrawls 'Racist' on Chicago Shop with Anti-Obama Sign

A shopkeeper in Chicago came to work one morning and found the word “racist” scrawled in lipstick on the window of his bead shop. The vandalism was in response to a hand-written political sign the owner had placed in his window.

Sam Wolfson owns a bead shop in Chicago. He placed a sign in his store window which read: “Obama, I built this business working 7 days a week, you didn’t.” Another sign read: “Romney, if you want to be president, you have to say this: ‘If I’m elected, I will not bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia.'”

Apparently these two messages were enough for someone to conclude Wolfson is a racist and to write on his window in lipstick. Wolfson, who is 75 years old, tells WBBM, “I’m not a racist. My wife is Spanish. Come on.”

Claims that opposition to the President betrays hidden racism have become fairly common ever since the 2008 election but have hit a fever pitch in 2012. Liberal media hosts like Chris Matthews and Touré make it a routine part of their commentary. After Monday night’s debate, Matthews claimed that “racial hatred” drove opposition to the President and support for his challenger Mitt Romney. He also claimed the right hates Obama “more than they want to destroy al Qaeda.”

On another MSNBC show in August, Touré opined that Romney’s comments about Obama’s increasingly angry campaign were an attempt at “n***erization.” Toure later apologized for using that word.

Headline image: Steve Miller/WBBM Newsradio