Obama Turns to Madeleine Albright for 'War on Women' Push

Obama Turns to Madeleine Albright for 'War on Women' Push

I received an email from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to inform us she has never seen such an extreme Republican ticket as Mitt Romney and Paul. Are they extreme when it comes to jobs? Economy? No. It’s because of — wait for it — the War on Women!

Secretary Albright thinks “Governor Romney is the standard-bearer of a party that doesn’t think women should have a voice in decisions affecting their bodies, their wages or their rights.” I think she’s confusing him with the regimes in the Middle East. Let’s remind Secretary Albright about the true war on women happening in the Middle East right now. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst when it comes to women’s rights.

In America, women over the age of 18 do not need a guardian. We can go about and do what we want. We don’t need anyone’s permission to do daily activities. But women in Saudi Arabia are required to have a guardian, usually their father or husband. Those men have a right over her life. Women need their guardian’s permission to marry or divorce, travel if under 45, attend school, or open a bank account. Before 2008, the law forbade women from working without her guardian’s permission.

Since the guardian is in charge of the female, he must make sure she keeps her “honor.” If she does anything to tarnish the family, he is allowed to kill her in an honor killing. The males don’t even need proof. The suspicion alone is cause enough to murder the woman.

America’s society has no problem with females of any age wearing as little clothing as they want. In Saudi Arabia, women’s eyes and hands can be exposed. That’s it.  

Sexual segregation in public is the societal norm. Except for particular clubs which discriminate by sex — or male or female — public activity in America is co-ed. The law in Saudia Arabia says sexes must be separate at all meetings, including weddings and funerals. It’s not unusual for homes to have separate entrances for males and females. Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi, a 75 year-old woman, was given 40 lashes and prison time because a man delivered bread directly to her home. The man wasn’t a citizen, and he was deported.

Women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia. Citizens must use locally-issued licenses, and women are not issued them. Driving means a woman has to remove her veil, forces her to leave the house more often, leads her to interact with men, overcrowds the street, and deprives men of the opportunity to drive, in the eyes of this culture.

Iran shares many of those values, but in August 36 universities made 77 BA and BS courses exclusive to male students. Ironically, women were outperforming males three to two in passing the university entrance exam. Iran cannot stand the thought of women being higher than men. 

Until the left starts hammering the Islamic regimes in the Middle East, their thoughts and concerns about women in America are nothing more than hot air. Women have it great in America and will continue to do so when Governor Mitt Romney wins next Tuesday.