L.A. May Regulate Burger Joint out of Existence

L.A. May Regulate Burger Joint out of Existence

Tams #6 is a burger joint that has been in continuous operation since the ’80s. Now the LAPD is regulating it out of existence.

Nick Benetatos took over the location on Figueroa street from his father more than 20 years ago. It has survived recessions, area crime, and even the Rodney King riots which swept through the neighborhood in 1992. But now Tams #6 is faced with a challenge it seemingly can’t overcome: government regulation.

The city has declared the restaurant a “public nuisance” and demanded that its owner comply with a long list of changes to his business including the cost of putting up a fence, hiring full-time security, and even changing his hours of operation to those specified by the city.

Mr. Benetatos has already complied with the first round of LAPD suggestions, including removing pay phones that were allegedly being used by drug dealers and eliminating tables located outside for seating. Now he says the business will close in January 2013 unless the city backs off.

The central question this situation raises is voiced by Mr. Benetatos in this report by ReasonTV. Will the neighborhood be better off with another vacant lot where his business used to be? That seems to be what the LAPD believes.

Photo credit: Reason