Seven Killed Saturday Night In Gun-Controlled Chicago

Seven Killed Saturday Night In Gun-Controlled Chicago

In Chicago, the city which serves as a blueprint for the kind of gun control Obama is trying to push on the rest of the country, six people were shot to death and one person was stabbed to death on Saturday night alone.

Among those killed were a 16-year old kid and a 32-year old man, both of whom were gunned down in a double homicide at approximately 5 p.m. The shooting appeared to be random, and witnesses at the scene described seeing one of the bodies just lying in the roadway by a bus stop.

Five hours later, a 38 year-old man was shot and killed and just before midnight, another 32-year old man was stabbed to death.

The bottom line is that gun control isn’t working in Chicago. It won’t work for the nation as a whole, either.

Either we keep and bear arms as our Founding Fathers intended or we expand the failing Chicago model, where more than 440 school-age children were shot and wounded last year and where seven people lost their lives Saturday night alone.