Magazine Limitations Won't Save Unarmed People

Magazine Limitations Won't Save Unarmed People

As a ban on “high capacity” magazines continues to be touted by gun grabbers as a means to reduce gun violence, sober minds must remember that magazine limitations won’t save unarmed people, especially when dealing with large groups of people in places where they are legally disarmed–settings such as elementary schools, college campuses, etc. 

The Review Panel that issued a report on the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting made it clear when they explained that a “high capacity” magazine ban would not have changed the outcome on their campus. According to them, although the shooter used 15 round magazines, a ban limiting him to 10 round mags “would not have made that much difference in the incident” because his targets were unarmed

In other words, the shooter faced no immediate ramifications–no possibility that one of his planned victims would pull a gun and end his spree. 

After the Sandy Hook shooting, a friend asked me if Adam Lanza could have killed as many as he did had he used weapons other than an AR-15 and two pistols. I explained that he most certainly could have, even if he had simply taken in a shotgun and one pistol with a magazine of 10 rounds (or less). 

His targets were unarmed–therefore, he did not face the pressure of receiving return fire. 

We absolutely must keep this in mind as politicians weigh taking away more of our freedom via a “high capacity” magazine ban. Such a ban will in no way make life safer for unarmed people.