Al Gore: 'I Walk the Walk' with Solar-Powered House Boat

Al Gore: 'I Walk the Walk' with Solar-Powered House Boat

In an interview published by the Los Angeles times, former Vice-President Al Gore admitted that despite the fact that he likes to lecture people about changing their lifestyles to save the planet and downsizing their expectations, he has a solar-powered little contraption that most people can’t quite afford: a houseboat.

When queried about Glenn Beck’s charge that he was hypocritical for asking others to sacrifice while he lived well, Gore responded:

I’m proud to have had a successful business career in several fields. I make no apology for that. But I walk the walk. I have solar panels all over my house; I even have a solar-paneled little houseboat for recreation. I have geothermal wells underneath my driveway and an electric car. I do understand the challenges of making this transition to a decarbonized world, and renewable energy is a difficult one, but I am doing my part.

Gore did say that the human race can accomplish great things: “We do have limitations, but we have the inherent capacity to rise above our limitations when the stakes are high.”

Speaking of rising above limitations: unlike Chris Christie, who has ballooned to a point where he doesn’t need a boat to float, Gore has apparently remained svelte enough that he needs a vessel to support his weight. And what better symbol of the man’s dedication to personal sacrifice than a houseboat?