Rep. Steve Stockman Giving Away an AR-15 on July 4

Rep. Steve Stockman Giving Away an AR-15 on July 4

Rep Steve Stockman (R-TX) giving away a Bushmaster AR-15 on July 4.

People who visit his re-election website––can find a link marked “Enter To Win An AR-15.” Under this are the words, “Click here to enter to win the gun Obama doesn’t want you to have.”

Once you click where instructed, you are asked to enter your name, zip, and email and that’s that–you’re entered into the drawing and are added to his online mailing list.

Democrat National Committee Communications Director Brad Woodhouse reacted to news of the give away by pointing out this was the same gun Adam Lanza used at Sandy Hook Elementary. Woodhouse tweeted, “Thanks for your feelings for the parents of 20 dead children in CT.”

Stockman supporters were quick to point out that if one guard had been on duty inside the school with an AR-15, the story of Sandy Hook Elementary could have been completely different. 

Rep. Stockman’s website makes it clear that the person who wins the AR-15 will have to pick it up from a Federal Firearms License holder, which means a background check will be involved.