U.S. Gang Members Arrested in Texas in Connection with Mexican Cartels

U.S. Gang Members Arrested in Texas in Connection with Mexican Cartels

The U.S. Attorneys’ Office partially unsealed a number of indictments after 25 individuals were arrested by authorities in Laredo, Texas on June 20, 2013. The individuals arrested belonged to a formerly U.S.-led prison gang; the charges against them stem from the alleged trafficking of drugs and laundering of money for their leaders in Mexico.

The investigation was conducted by a myriad of federal and local law enforcement agencies. The DEA’s Special Agent in Charge, Javier Peña, stated:

Today, DEA and our law enforcement counterparts issued a substantial blow to the Texas Mexican Mafia Laredo Chapter, allegedly one of the strongest Mexican-based cocaine trafficking organizations operating in Texas. The DEA will continue to assault these types of alleged drug trafficking organizations if they are suspected of brazenly distributing illegal controlled substances throughout our communities.

The revelation by Peña that the Texas Mexican Mafia is controlled by individuals in Mexico is in stark contrast to the long history of the U.S. prison gang which has always been controlled by Hispanic Americans. The revelation shows that a U.S. prison gang, or at least the powerful and pervasive Texas chapter, is now controlled by a foreign narco-trafficking entity based in Mexico.

The Mexican Mafia has long been known to have an alliance with the Aryan Brotherhood, according to declassified FBI documents. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas was recently exposed for having an alliance with the Mexican Gulf cartel after an Aryan Brotherhood member was caught with over 300 pounds of Gulf cartel methamphetamine.

The Laredo, Texas case comes on the heels of a Texas law enforcement officer pleading guilty to having accepted thousands of dollars to provide uniformed protection for an international narco-operation, believed to be led by a Mexican cartel. Recent days have also revealed an alleged Mexican cartel assassin claiming to have killed over thirty individuals on U.S. soil, with eleven confirmed by law enforcement officials.