Flashback: Senate Dems' Dire Warnings About the 'Nuclear Option'

Flashback: Senate Dems' Dire Warnings About the 'Nuclear Option'

In 2005, Republicans, who controlled the Senate and were frustrated with the lack of progress on President Bush’s nominations, considered amending Senate rules to prohibit filibusters on Presidential nominations. As the video below details, Senate Democrats viewed the move as shredding the Constitution, burying the remnants in the ground and covering the dirt with lye. On Tuesday, however, Senate Democrats are expected to enact what they forcefully decried. 

On Monday evening, the Senate will meet in a closed-door session to debate a rule change that will prevent Senators from filibustering Executive Branch nominations. I am cynical enough to realize that much of politics is situational. One’s view on a matter often has more to do with where one’s power stands, rather than the underlying merits. That said, Senate Democrats seem to be mining a vein of hypocrisy never before seen in politics. 

Virtually every statement made in the video could be used by Republicans today. 

Favorite exit quote, from Vice President Joe Biden, who was a member of the Senate in 2005. “I pray God, when the Democrats take back control, we don’t make the kind of naked power grab you are doing [nuclear option].”

Apparently, this was an unanswered prayer.