McCain: 'We Are Not Winning' on Immigration

McCain: 'We Are Not Winning' on Immigration

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said it was a fact that proponents of comprehensive immigration reform are losing even though the Senate passed its immigration reform bill more than three weeks ago.

“Here is a fact: We are not winning,” McCain told reporters on Thursday. “So we have to wage a campaign. That doesn’t mean a negative campaign. It means a positive campaign.”

Earlier in the week, McCain conceded to other members of the Gang of Eight that the group was losing the messaging battle as the immigration fight goes to the House. Working class Americans have spoken out to their Representatives against the bill because it will significantly reduce their wages, and McCain conceded there were now many House Republicans who will not vote for comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Aware of this reality, McCain and the Gang of Eight met to discuss how to target House Republicans who are on the fence on immigration. The Gang of Eight will reportedly work with big business interests during the August recess in their efforts.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who has relentlessly pointed out all of the ways in which the immigration bill would reduce the wages of working class Americans while not solving the illegal immigration problem, said the Gang of Eight’s plan to target House Republicans was an act of “desperation.”