'Fast Terry' Filmmaker: McAuliffe 'King of the Whopper'

'Fast Terry' Filmmaker: McAuliffe 'King of the Whopper'

The director of a 30-minute documentary that may define Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe as a shady wheeler-and-dealer said he was even surprised by McAuliffe’s level of dishonesty while making his film.

On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Jason Killian Meath, the director of Fast Terry, discussed how McAuliffe has been a career “grifter” while primarily being Bill Clinton’s moneyman. 

His film details how McAuliffe abandoned a Virginia town that he promised manufacturing plant by moving the electric car plant to Mississippi, where he was forced to lay off many despite his initial promises of economic success. Meath said Virginians and Mississippians he spoke to while making his film felt like they had the “rug pulled from under them after buying his sweet talk.” Simply put, Meath said McAuliffe was the “king of the whopper.” 

Meath, who also directed King of Bain, which dissected controversial aspects of Mitt Romney’s business dealings, said of McAuliffe, “This guy tells some tall tales that will make your head spin.”

After “blindly” going to Virginia and Mississippi to make his movie, Meath said he was surprised that people came out of the woodwork to talk about their dealings with McAuliffe’s businesses. 

Meath said local officials in Mississippi were “perplexed” by McAuliffe’s finances and emphasized how many former employees that were ultimately laid off felt betrayed by McAuliffe and his false promises. 

He said McAuliffe often talks up his business record on the stump and claims his business experience will enable him to create jobs as governor, and “it all sounds very, very good.” But once McAuliffe’s record is examined, it is unclear whether McAuliffe has created even one net job because so many workers he has hired, especially in Mississippi, have been laid off. 

Fast Terry, which can be seen this week at FastTerry.com, will debut in Richmond, VA this week. Meath implied that Virginians would essentially be rolling out the red carpet for the Clintons if they elected McAuliffe to the state’s highest office.