Auction Begins of Jackson Jr.'s Capes, Memorabilia

Auction Begins of Jackson Jr.'s Capes, Memorabilia

(AP) Auction begins of Jackson Jr.’s capes, memorabilia
Bidding has begun for a guitar autographed by Michael Jackson, fur capes and about a dozen other items forfeited by prison-bound former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

The online auction by the U.S. Marshals Service is its attempt to recoup part of the $750,000 in campaign funds the Chicago Democrat and his wife illegally spent. Both were handed prison terms last month.

A red cashmere cape with fur trim drew the most early action as bidding started at 10 a.m. Tuesday _ attracting 16 bids within 15 minutes. The highest bid was $595.

Before the auction started, the highest minimum bid set by the auction house was $350 for a Bruce Lee autograph. But within 15 minutes, not a single person had bid for it.

The auction is taking place at

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Mink capes, Bruce Lee autographs and assorted Michael Jackson memorabilia belonging to Jesse Jackson Jr. will be sold to the highest bidder to help ensure the former congressman pays his debt to society in full.

The U.S. Marshals Service said it will start selling 13 items in an online auction Tuesday _ with proceeds going to help repay $750,000 in campaign funds that the Chicago Democrat illegally spent.

In addition to requiring that Jackson, 48, pay back the misspent funds, a U.S. judge in Washington, D.C., last month sentenced the son of civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson to 2 1/2 years behind bars.

The objects up for auction at illustrate the disgraced legislator’s passion for both pop iconography and for what some might consider gaudy and pricey fashion.

Among the clothing items are a woman’s mink jacket with silver-fox sleeves and a red cashmere cape with black mink trim, according to a Marshals Service press release.

In the same case, Jackson’s wife, Sandra, was sentenced to a year in prison for filing false joint federal income tax returns. At least some of the clothes being auctioned would have been worn by her.

One of the largest pieces of memorabilia up for auction is a guitar signed by both Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen. Next to Jackson’s signature are the hand-written words, “Let Love Fall Like Rain.”

Prosecutors say Jackson spent tens of thousands of dollars other apparent frivolities, including two mounted elk heads for his office. Those were not listed among the objects on sale this week.

It wasn’t immediately clear how much the 13 items could raise. A message left for the company overseeing the auction, Texas-based Gaston & Sheehan Auctioneers Inc., wasn’t immediately returned.

The auction runs through Sept. 26.