Private Air Show Stopped Due to Government Shutdown

Private Air Show Stopped Due to Government Shutdown

Following the cancellation of the military airshow at Miramar Marine Base, civilians stepped up to carry out the airshow in private planes at their own expense. Now the Department of Defense has canceled that, too.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the military involvement in the airshow was canceled once sequestration took effect in the Spring of this year. 

Following that cancellation, “military officials… insisted… the Miramar show would continue with civilian planes and pilots and with ‘static displays’ on the ground of Marine fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. Marines would also be ready to explain the [aircraft specifics] to air show visitors.”

But on October 3, Marine officials confirmed the private air show was canceled due to the federal government’s shutdown. 

The Miramar Air Show is “often billed as the most heavily attended in the nation,” but even a privatized version of it will not be allowed to happen as long as the government’s doors are closed.

Keep in mind that sequestration started rolling on August 2, 2011, when President Obama signed sequestration cuts into law

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