DC Police Divided over Supplying Guns for Gun Control Event

DC Police Divided over Supplying Guns for Gun Control Event

D.C. law enforcement representative accuses city’s police chief of unfairly enforcing laws to provide props for anti-gun event. 

On October 20, the Children’s Defense Fund will have blacksmiths forge confiscated guns into “garden tools” in a gun control push outside of the National Cathedral. Washington, D.C. police are supplying the guns, thereby furthering a disagreement between D.C. Fraternal Order of Police chairman Kris Baumann and Police Chief Cathy Lanier’s office.

It was just weeks ago that Breitbart News reported how Chief Lanier ignored rules to get illegal guns for Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to use as props in her gun control press conference. 

Now that Lanier’s department is supplying firearms and firearm parts for another gun control stunt, Baumann is making his opinion known.

The Washington Times carried Baumann’s response:

We are supposed to be the police and, as such, the laws must be applied to everyone without bias. The minute we become politicized in how we enforce the law, we become compromised and we lose public trust. This is not rocket science, and yet there appears to be no learning curve on this issue.

The NRA also responded to the DC Police Department’s involvement in the October 20 gun control event by labeling the uneven application of gun control laws “an abuse of authority.” The NRA added: “If [the Metropolitan Police Department] is to carve out exemptions to D.C.’s draconian gun control laws to avoid absurd and unjust consequences, hopeful it will do so on an equal opportunity basis.”

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