Document Suggests Obamacare Website Has Serious Back-End Problems

Document Suggests Obamacare Website Has Serious Back-End Problems

Breitbart News has obtained a document from a technology vendor working on Obamacare’s website that suggests there may be serious back-end problems with the malfunctioning website.

Nine days after the insurance exchange website went live, the technology company Logistics Management Institute (LMI) wrote a memo in which it noted that “Veterans Affairs has found that about 75% of total traffic to VA has matched deceased individuals; exploring if it is a system problem, a problem with submitting the same application many times, or a fraud issue.”

Further in the memo, dated “10.10.13,” under a section titled “Data trends,” the document reads:

VA told us that about 75% of total traffic to VA has matched deceased individuals which is not in line with expectations. XOC helpdesk ticket for this issue with CGI. We don’t know where these requests are originating from. This could be a system issue, generating multiple transactions for the same application. Otherwise, there are fraud concerns, but not enough information yet to make a judgment. 

After glitches crippled the Obamacare website, preventing Americans from getting insurance quotes and enrolling in plans, the Obama administration announced a “tech surge” last week and promised would be functional by November. This was after the administration took the site down for repairs the very first week it went live. Former White House adviser Jeff Zients was tapped to lead the “tech surge,” but other details have been sparse. 

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the House Government and Oversight Reform Committee Chairman, requested information from eleven of the largest contractors last week. 

Much of the focus and media coverage have been on the front-end problems with the portal, and administration officials have repeatedly claimed that could not handle the traffic that resulted from Americans who were supposedly attempting to log on en masse.  

But insurance companies have complained of back-end problems. As Breitbart News has reported, some insurance companies have warned that the “faulty and incomplete” data they are receiving from the website may actually mean Americans who think they signed up for insurance will not be enrolled. 

One health care consultant asked of Obama administration officials: Are they “stupid enough to fix the front end of this thing before they fix the back end?” 

View the full memo below: Memo