Cruz: Obama 'Absolutely' Abusing Power

Cruz: Obama 'Absolutely' Abusing Power

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Fusion TV host Jorge Ramos that President Barack Obama is “absolutely” abusing his power.

In an interview that aired on Monday, Ramos mentioned a speech Cruz’s father, Rafael, made in which he compared President Barack Obama to Fidel Castro. Cruz told Ramos his father was referring to a “statement President Obama made at the State of the Union where” Obama said “if Congress doesn’t act to enact his agenda that he will do it anyway on his own.” 

When Ramos pressed Cruz on whether he felt Obama was a dictator like Castro, Cruz said there were differences but said he was concerned about the “explosion of power in the federal government” under Obama. Cruz specifically cited the NSA surveillance program scandal and Obama’s expansion of “presidential power in a way that is contrary to the constitution.”

When Ramos asked Cruz if he thought Obama was abusing his power, Cruz said Obama “absolutely” was.