Black Guerrilla Family Prison Conspiracy Revealed: Sex, Drugs, and Public Corruption

Black Guerrilla Family Prison Conspiracy Revealed: Sex, Drugs, and Public Corruption

Seven correctional officers have pled guilty in a racketeering conspiracy involving the notorious Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) prison gang in Maryland. Narcotics and other contraband were smuggled into multiple correctional facilities for the gang by at least seven correctional officers.

The facilities, both men’s and women’s dedicated centers, were operated by the State of Maryland and the City of Baltimore. In one instance, a female corrections officer was engaging in sexual relationships with two BGF inmates and smuggling drugs in for the gang members to sell inside of the corrections facility. The female officer, Kimberly Dennis, pled guilty on October 29th in the racketeering conspiracy. 

The Black Guerrilla Family was started in California prisons during the 1960s. According to declassified Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents, the prison gang began operating criminal enterprises outside of prison walls as early as 1973. This is consistent with the court documents in this racketeering case, where Baltimore authorities and the U.S. Attorney’s Office claim that the BGF is currently operating both inside and outside prison walls across the nation. The FBI asserts that members of the BGF are involved in narcotics, extortion, contract killing, robbery, and forgery. This particular case reveals that the BGF is now involved in bribing or coercing public officials to assist in their criminal enterprises.

The declassified FBI documents also reveal that the BGF was started by members of the Black Panther Party, Black Muslims, and members of the Republic of New Africa. It is unclear if far, left-of-center political views continue to be a driving force in the gang’s motivations.

The court documents from this particular case reveal that the BGF “controlled” the correctional facilities involved in this racketeering enterprise and received a “tax” from inmates who were not a member of the gang.

Breitbart News has provided the unsealed criminal complaint for our readers.

Black Guerilla Family Conspiracy Revealed: Sex Drugs, and Public Corruption