Washington Police Raid 'Bikini Barista' Coffee Shop

Washington Police Raid 'Bikini Barista' Coffee Shop

EVERETT, Wash., Nov. 1 (UPI) — Police in Everett, Wash., said they arrested three so-called bikini baristas, charging two with “performance or dance intended to sexually stimulate” customers.

The arrests came after undercover detectives visited the “Hillbilly Hotties” coffee shop, police officer Aaron Snell said.

“The cut and dried version is women showing body parts,” Snell said. “They were performing not sex itself, but just performing actions and activities which are unacceptable within the community.”

A cabaret ordinance forbids “any exhibition, performance or dance which is intended to sexually stimulate any member of the public.”

Two of the unidentified women charged were 20 and 21. A third employee, 33, was charged with violating the city’s lewd conduct ordinance.

Police told KIRO-TV, Seattle, they were merely responding to citizen complaints about the business.

“We’re being targeted,” an employee at the shop said. “We’re just like every other regular coffee stand, really. It’s just that we’re a little less dressed.”