Tea Party Appears at Obama Stump Speech for McAuliffe

Tea Party Appears at Obama Stump Speech for McAuliffe

About 100 Tea Partiers protested President Barack Obama in Arlington on Sunday, as he was set to give his endorsement of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. 

The Tea Partiers, who held Ken Cuccinelli signs and shouted out questions regarding Obamacare, Benghazi, the Fast and Furious scandal, and other issues, assembled peacefully across the street from Obama-supporting attendees waiting to enter Washington and Lee public school.

“I just want to be part of showing the great support for Ken Cuccinelli and the great angst at bad government by Obama, and if McAuliffe were to be elected, the coming bad government-they’re two of the same kind and cast from the same mold,” said Arlene Smith, head of the Arlington County Tea Party. “They don’t tell the truth. It’s all about getting more power. It’s not good for the people. And a lot of people are just being fooled.”  

Local Young Republicans told Breitbart News their members were among the sign wavers and are out and about, recruiting activists to help with door knocking and phone banking.  

“We have two more days to stop Obamacare and help Cuccinelli get over the top. I’m optimistic. The truth is, six out of ten people will come to the polls and vote,” said Larry Cirignano of American Catholics for Religious Liberty. “If we get any of those people motivated to come out to vote against McAuliffe or for Cuccinelli, we win.”

Attendees appeared more interested in seeing President Obama than McAuliffe himself. 

Pat Washington, an Alexandria resident, told Breitbart News, “I’m working the polls on Tuesday, but I am voting for Terry. And I’ve been an advocate for President Obama since he was running the first time and I helped out when he ran a second time. I went door to door this afternoon for Terry as well.”

“I’m here for President Obama. I went to some of his rallies when he was running for re-election and I wanted to see him once he was president,” said Jim Hines of Shenandoah County, adding, “I know pretty much about [McAuliffe]. I’ve been to two of his presentations when he spoke and I read at least one of his websites.”