Amnesty Activists Crash Cuccinelli Concession Speech

Amnesty Activists Crash Cuccinelli Concession Speech

Pro-amnesty activists have followed through on their promise to use a Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial victory in Virginia to lobby for comprehensive immigration reform, as several have been removed by police from Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign headquarters demanding amnesty after McAuliffe won the race.

The demonstrators reportedly stormed into Cuccinelli’s headquarters right after McAuliffe was declared the winner, and at least one stole the stage using it to push for amnesty.

“At the #Cuccinelli watch party, a few #immigration protestors interrupted and asked for #immigrationreform; were escorted out by police,” Telemundo tweeted.

“Police remove about 5-10 pro-immigration reform protesters from @KenCuccinelli HQ. #VAGov,” Politico’s Emily Schulteis tweeted.

The Washington Post further confirmed the reports further via its election night liveblog.

“Moments after NBC and several networks called the race for Terry McAuliffe, a young immigrant activist walked up on the stage in the Marriott Ballroom and declared that Ken Cuccinelli had lost because he and fellow Republicans failed to work toward immigration reform,” the Post wrote.

“So I ask – what do we want?” the amnesty activist shouted, according to the Post, with a group of Republicans “gathered around booing and shouting for him to leave.”

One woman shouted at the amnesty activists: “Get off the stage!”

After that, the Post wrote that “hotel security and city police escorted him from the room as he continued to shout.”

The man was Gustavo Andrade of Maryland amnesty group Casa in Action, citing Renato Mendoza, a Norfolk, VA resident and fellow amnesty activist.

“We wanted to let the GOP know that if they don’t accept citizenship, or a way to citizenship, for 11 million people, then as a party, they’re dead,” Mendoza said.