Detained Illegal Immigrant: 'Thank God' Border Patrol Caught Me

Detained Illegal Immigrant: 'Thank God' Border Patrol Caught Me

When Border Patrol agents detained an illegal immigrant mother and her six-year-old, she simply thanked God, as she had believed she would not be free to live in the United States without repercussions. 

Esperanza, a woman who traveled from El Salvador to the Texas border, told NBC News that she “wanted a better life for my son.” 

“Thank God nothing happened to me,” she told NBC News. “I thank God Immigration caught me. Thank God we’re here and we’re okay.”

Numerous illegal immigrants have been flagging down Border Patrol agents at the border, believing they will get “permisos” that will allow them to indefinitely remain in the United States. 

They have been led by President Barack Obama’s actions–such as his temporary amnesty program for certain illegal immigrant children and his vows to unilaterally ease more deportations–to believe they will never get deported if they make the treacherous journey up north and across the border. 

The White House and the Department of Homeland Security have been ambiguous about whether most of the illegal immigrants who are arriving will be deported, and Democrats and Republicans have conceded that most of the illegal immigrants never show up to their hearings and appointments once they are released from the detention facilities.