Army Retiring 9mm Pistols, Looking For More 'Knock-Down Power'

Army Retiring 9mm Pistols, Looking For More 'Knock-Down Power'

The Army is retiring its 9mm pistols in hopes of getting a service pistol with better “knock-down power.”

This means over 200,000 Beretta M9 and Sig Sauer M11 pistols will be phased out, and replaced by 400,000 new guns the Defense Department is ready to purchase once a new model is agreed upon.

According to Fox News, the Army is holding an “industry day” on July 29, whereat various gun manufacturers will be able to offer new models of handguns and compete for the chance to succeed the M9 and M11.

A spokesperson involved in the process said: “We are not dictating a caliber during the competition. A vendor may submit multiple calibers of ammunition. However, the ammunition must exceed the performance of the current M882 9mm round.”

Handguns expected to be most popular in the bid to succeed the M9 an M11 are those chambered in 40 or 45.

The Army is looking for a durable gun that will “provide the soldier with increased terminal performance.”

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